FMP Development Diary Week 10

This week I finished my Final Major Project by adding any decorative elements to my e-book. For example, improving the background.


I found paper texture that I felt went with my dossier. The paper texture was a tea stained colour but I did not like the whole texture because the actual piece of paper had a rip in it. So in Photoshop I cropped the paper down to get rid of the rip. After I added two paper textures to my e-book, I adjusted my e-book to work with the new textures so it looked like an actual secret document.


I created a paperclip in Photoshop. The paperclip was for any non-interactive photos that do not change. The original paperclip did not look 3D so I did not think it fitted in with the e-book. I then was shown a way to make it look 3D my adding a bevel and shadow to it. This made the paperclip work with the document and after adding them I tested the document to see if it still works, which it did. After testing I uploaded it to the Adobe Publishing Suite and tested it on my phone. Everything worked on my phone but I do wish some buttons were bigger but the problem was if I enlarge any buttons it would have ruined the layout of the e-book I feel. After testing on my phone, I published it.Paperclip 2


FMP Development Diary Week 9

This week I put all the elements I created together in the e-book. I also finished writing the content as I was putting things together because I think when I was laying it out I knew how much I needed to write about.


I finished writing the content I was having trouble with the week before. I had the previous weekend to think about what I want to write about. With the new information I needed new photos that are linked to the content. After gather the photos I also then edited the photos that look similar to the photos I did in the previous week.


I started to look for gifs because I could not find any videos that are free to use. I found three gifs that are useful to what I need; I found of a Tiger tank firing, a German tank moving and destroyed American equipment. Also today I started to create my e-book. I mange to create my title page and first page of my e-book. The first page was about the battle and explaining what happened during the battle.


Today I finished my e-book. I added a page about the Allies, which explained the 3rd Army’s role and the 101st Airborne Division role in the battle. The third page was about the M4 Sherman which told what gun it had and armour. The page also explained the adaptability of the Sherman and how it was improved. The fourth page was about the Germans and the Tiger tank. One problem I had was the gifs I found on Thursday were now blocked by the college and I could not use them because they were web content. I could not find any good replacements for the gifs . I would add them at home if I had InDesign.


FP SC          Content SC

Battle SC          Allies SC

Sherman SC          German SC



FMP Development Diary Week 8

This week I started the production of my Final Major Project.


I started to write up content for my e-book. When I was writing my content this week I had difficulty writing it because I just had trouble thinking up things to write about. I also revised my research to see if I can think of anything to write about.


I continued to write up content but still had trouble to think of things to write about and again after I revised my research to see if I can think of anything to write about. I then look for pictures to add to my e-book.

101st_Airborne_in_Bastogne,_Christmas_1944 Russland, Panzer VI (Tiger I)  Sherman_tanks_moving_forward_near_Lebisey_Wood Landscape


I continued to to write up content for my e-book but again I had trouble thinking of stuff to write. After I looked for stock footage of the Battle of the Bulge. I could not find any stock footage because all the royalty free footage I could find cost a lot of money to download.


I edited the photos I found on Wednesday. I wanted them to look like they are from a secret document, so a added a border around them and added a dark yellow tint around them. The dark yellow tint also made the pictures stand out and look clearer because there was snow on the days of the battle, the ground almost blended together with the sky, so adding the tint actually helped there. I also design and created multiple logo I am going to use for my e-book.

101st_Airborne_in_Bastogne,_Christmas_1944 edit Russland, Panzer VI (Tiger I) Sherman_tanks_moving_forward_near_Lebisey_Wood edit Landscape

Logo 1 Logo 2 Logo 3 Logo 4 logo 5

I feel this week this week should have been productive, I think my ability in literacy affected the work this week because I still have not finished the content. I do like how my logos ended up looking though and how the pictures look as well.


FMP Development Diary Week 7

This week I started to plan out my e-book by creating wire frames and a design document.


I created wire frames on paper to plan out the layout of my e-book. I created three wire frames; one for the first page and two for the normal page layout. The reason I done two for the normal page is because I am not to sure to create my e-book in a landscape or portrait, so I was experimenting on the look of the page.


I started my design document by looking at colour of the logo I’m going to have, the colour of the font I’m going to use. I chose a bright red for the logo because the logo is going to look like a classified logo. The font colour is a black/dark grey, a similar colour to a pen or pencil. I also looked at page colour, which is a tea stained yellow. This is so it looks like a classified document. I also created digital wire frames to put into my design document as well.


I finished creating the digital wire frames. I created four digital wire frames, I did this so I can get a look at how the e-book looks on a digital format. There was two first pages wire frames because I wanted to see what the title will look like if there was a straight title or a curved title. I chose to create my e-book in landscape when I was creating the digital wire frames because it looks squashed together if I created the e-book in portrait. I also added technical specification, audience, pages/sections, fonts and navigation to the design document.


I created a prototype for my e-book to experiment on interactivity and how I could use it. I tried multi-state objects and button interaction. I should have tried video as well but I did not because I was not to sure how to implement into my e-book. I also finished my design document by creating moods on what I want my e-book to look like. I then started to look at pictures to use in my e-book.

I feel this was successful in what I planed out to do. I planed out to get my prototype and design document done this week and I did. But I feel I could have got more done if I did all my task one at a time and not split them up because I had to remember what I was doing.

FMP Design Document

FMP Development Diary Week 6

This week we started pre-production stages of our Final Major Project. The previous week I was advised to change my timeline to an e-book and instead of the doing the entirety of World War Two, do a single battle. So I chose to do the Battle of the Bulge.


I researched the Battle of the Bulge because most of the my previous research of World War Two was lacking detail due to me originally going to give a brief explanation what the battle was when I was doing the timeline. I also found a documentary called Greatest Tank Battle on YouTube which had an episode on the Battle of the Bulge.

nukecell (2014) Greatest tank battles the battle of the bulge. Available at: (Accessed: 14 June 2016).

Battle of the Bulge Research


I did more research, this time on interactivity and design layouts. I found out information from a book called The Principles & Processes of Interactive Design by J Steane. The pages of book I used explains why balance, shape, space, size and scale are important. I also found a website that recommends good interactive websites.

Best web and interactive Websites (2010) Available at: (Accessed: 14 June 2016).

Steane, J (2013). The Principles & Processes of Interactive Design. United Kingdom: Fairchild Books. 118-142.


I continued to do research into interactivity and layout design by looking up multi page layouts. I also had a look at a couple of websites that are recommended on the website I found on Thursday. I found out by experimenting on these websites many ways you can use interactivity, for example the Now You See Me 2 website uses the scroll wheel to travel through the website. Also the website is just an interactive trailer for the movie.

Shore, L. (2015) A Designer’s Checklist For Designing Awesome Multi-Page Layouts: 15 Must Know Tips. Available at: (Accessed: 14 June 2016).

No Author. (2016). Now You See Me 2. Available: Last accessed 14th June 2016.

The Revenant | now playing (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 14 June 2016).

BNP Paribas partenaire du prochain film de Luc Besson: Valerian et la cité des Mille Planètes (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 14 June 2016).

Emirates (2016) Experience the view from above. Available at: (Accessed: 14 June 2016).

Interactivity and design research

I feel that this week could have been more productive by doing more research into interactivity and layout because my research I have for the battle and Word War Two out weights the amount I have for interactivity and layout design. I also feel I could have started to plan out layout as I was doing the research as the knowledge is still fresh in my mind.