The Interview Process

For this task we had to create, apply and interview for jobs in other interactive media studios in our interactive media class. The job I created was for a Game Programmer, which no one applied for. I felt no one applied for it because I made the skills needed for the job look like you needed years of experience. After we all applied for the jobs, each studio prepared questions for the interviews.


My interactive media studio group (Wet Flame Studios) interviewed four people. The jobs these people applied for are Animator, Game Designer, Audio Engineer and Graphic Designer. I felt my group interviewing did well is making the interviews feel formal. What I felt we could of done better is some of us could have talked more and maybe asking more difficult questions.

After finishing the interviews I felt two people would defiantly have a job because they seemed confident and one actually brought in a CV and grades. One interviewee I am not to sure about because he did know what to say but did not sound confident saying it. The last interviewee I would not give a job to because he did not act prepared (we had to skip some questions for him) and he said some stuff an interviewer would not like to hear.


I felt confident for my interview because I have done a few of interviews before, so I felt I knew what I was doing. I was told during my interview I was the only one to bring a CV. I used my experience to say stuff that interviewers would like to hear. I answered their questions to the best of my abilities. But I feel I could improve by talking more and try not to repeat my self.


I feel the interviews where I was one of the interviewers went well, we could have shared the questions out among us. I also felt we successfully interviewed the interviewees well, like an official interview.

My interview I felt went well because I knew what to say and avoid saying even though I feel I should have talked more.