Unit 13 Observation Task

For this task, we had to conduct some primary research by going out into Canterbury and gather any form of material we would find useful for our Extended Project. I went out and took photos of medieval architecture and landscape. I originally wanted to create my own backgrounds but changed my project after doing this task, it is now creating an e-book how history is visualised in animation.  However, these photos are still useful to be because I can use them to compare how buildings from animation look compared with real life equivalents.

I needed to figure out what I needed to gather and where would be the most useful places for this. I thought photos would be a good media to record out I needed. The places I thought would have been most useful are Dane John Gardens, Canterbury Cathedral, the area around the Marlowe Theatre, the West Gate Towers and Canterbury Castle. I need medieval architecture so Canterbury town centre is useful for that because a lot of it is medieval and Dane John Gardens is useful for landscape photos because of The Mound in the centre of the gardens that gives you a great view of the surrounding landscape.

Dane John Gardens:


Canterbury Cathedral:

Marlowe Theatre:


Westgate Towers:

Canterbury Castle:

Other areas of Canterbury:

By doing this task I can use the photos I have taken for real life comparison of animated buildings. I can also look into the history of the buildings and see if they have a similar purpose to buildings in animated films. I do think I should have looked at more of a variety of pictures and examples to look at.


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