Unit 11 Task 3







Cover Letter:

Cover letter

A CV, portfolio and a cover letter are important things to have when searching for a job. They let employers know who you are, what skills you have and how professional you are. With my portfolio and CV, they both detail my skills and qualification. They clearly present what skills I have and earned, it also presents the skills I am currently working on and need improving on. I feel though they are plain and could do with improvement in how they look. They need to be eye catching but not too dazzling that it puts the reader off.

A portfolio is important for a creative industry job because you can demonstrate what you have done and keep adding to the portfolio. You can bring a portfolio of your work to a job interview and show it off and you can have an online portfolio for easy access or to get your name out there.  A CV is useful when applying for a job because it simply shows off what you done, the preattentional employer would not have a lot of time on their hands and would have to briefly look at everyone application. A cover letter is useful to go with a CV because you need to make an impression on the employer and writing them a letter will give them a sense of who you are.


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