Unit 11 Task 2

I have chosen not to go to University after completing this course because I have been in education for sixteen years and just want to do something different. But I did consider going and looked at several courses, here is three courses I looked at.

Part 1

The three university courses I looked at are from Bournemouth University, University of the Arts London and Bath Spa University. The courses are BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design (Bournemouth), BA (HONS) ANIMATION (University of the Arts London) and Code, create, design and collaborate in our innovative Creative Computing (Animation) course (Bath Spa University). The reason I chose to look at these three courses is because I want to work in the animation industry. I personally would try to get in Bournemouth University course because I have been told that Bournemouth has the best animation course and facilities in the country.




Part 2

The Traditional methods of progression are apprenticeships, internships, applying directly to the company and applying through an agency. Apprenticeships and Internships are ways to learn and gain experience in a field while working in that field. The difference being apprenticeships are more towards people who want to learn new skills and internships are generally more short term work experiences. You would apply directly to a company or through an agency if you are mainly looking for job.

For the near future I would like to do an apprenticeship in animation but there are no apprenticeships in that field but there are a lot in media though. If I had to do an apprenticeship, I will try to get one in the media area. When I search for apprenticeships I mainly get ones in social media or digital marketing. I will most likely apply for one in social media if I had to because I have more interest in that field than marketing. It would also help me develop useful skills that I might be lacking to get my name out there and to advertise myself.


The non-traditional routes are competitions, social media, networking and cold calling. These routes you put your name out there and make the jobs come to you. Competitions are a good way to get your name out there and gain experience in a competitive environment. Social media like twitter that use hashtags can be a useful way of getting your name out there as well. If you use the right hashtags you can be easily found and have an online presence. Networking can be done by or through university. University usually have connections and partnerships with companies, so you can communicate through them. Another way is through apprenticeships and internships, if you worked well with that company they might consider hiring you or recommending you to another company. Cold calling is where you contact a company and convince them that they need you. This can be linked with networking where you gain contacts and convince them to hire you.


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