Unit 12-Week 2

Interview for Final Major Project

The purpose of the interviews was to gather an understanding of what we wanted to do for our Final Major Projects. Also, to make us think what we want to do after we finished this course. We had to interview and get interviewed by a member of another course (Games Group A- Ross Presland-Brown).

Before we developed our question to ask, we talked to the people we were interviewing/interviewed by. This was so we get to know them better and develop question for them. When talking to Ross, I found out he was interested in pixel art, similar style to old Nintendo games. I also found out he was interested in wrestling, like me. After talking to him, we came up with question for each other. When I was creating question to ask, I tried to think of question that would help his primary interest, which was pixel art, but make him think of a backup plan in case his original plan does not work out.

The reason we interviewed someone in a different course was so we interview someone we do not know. This was so we would develop questions and answers questions based around the interviewer or the interviewee. It was also to get us use to being interviewed and potentially interviewing people as well. But the main goal of these interviews was to make us think about our topic for our Final Major Project and what we want to do after we completed this course. Really for my interview I did not learn anything new about myself that I did not know, but while being interviewed it did make me want to do animation even more for my Final Major Project. I already thought about what I want to do for Final Major Project and the interview just confirmed what I want to do.

My interviewer gave this feedback “I was very interested with what you want to look at in terms of animation. I am very excited to see what you will find in your research and how that would translate in to your FMP.” With this information, I gathered and feedback I roughly know the area of study I want to explore for my Final Major Project, Animation. I want to explore different styles of 2D animation, the difference between Western and Eastern styles of animation. At the moment, I do not know if I want create a simple animation or concept art for an animation. Maybe I should have mentioned that to my interviewer and he could have given me some feedback around this as some support for my idea.

Ross’s question where more targeted to my personal interests, that’s why he mentioned in my feedback to explore 2D animation. I feel I could have come up with a better idea if he explored into my academic interests and past, then he could have given me more direct feedback that could have allowed me to create a better plan for my FMP and maybe the future as well. I could have done the same as well for Ross to help him out more as well.

The purpose of us doing the interviewing is to develop our skills in research skills. Interviewing is a good source of primary research that me and our groups do not do enough of. It was to get us to develop our skills in research gathering by making us explore a new or under used method. For me this is a new skill because I have not done a proper one to one interview before, so this was a new experience for me. I think my questions I asked were good but I feel I need to develop my communications skills. I felt I did not get Ross to consider to develop a backup plan, only to consider it, with that I personally have not thought of a backup plan either.

To summarise, I learnt how to do a basic interview for research purposes, how to create questions. I could improve my skill to communicate, for example coming up with questions on the go as well as prepared ones. I also learnt that interviewing can be a useful a good research tool.

Myers-Briggs Personality Test


To gather a better understanding in what we want to do in life, we need to know what we are like as a person. So, we did a personality test developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers (also Briggs’s daughter). We did this task to find out what type of personality we are to help us develop what we want to do for a project and Final Major Project. This was so we know our thought process when making decisions.

When I did my personality test (Limited, N.A. (2011) free personality test. Available at: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test (Accessed: 10 January 2017)), I got Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging (INTJ). They are my main traits of my personality but my personality type the website gave me is The Architect. I mostly agree with what I got especially when it comes to emotions and social interaction. For example, on the introduction page The Architect has a statement that can sum up my approach to some of simple social conventions “White lies and small talk are hard enough as it is for a type that craves truth and depth, but Architects may go so far as to see many social conventions as downright stupid.” This is true for me because I can find it hard to understand white lies and sarcasm because to me they seem pointless and not needed in a conversation. According to the personality test an Architect like things to happen for reason not out of random. For me this is true because I like to know what I am doing, if to me something does not seem well planned or unorganised, it makes me unmotivated to do it and put me off.

One thing I do not agree with is one of the weaknesses of The Architect the website states the personality has is Judgmental. I do not view myself as judgmental or know that I am being judgmental. I think the result I got was fairly accurate but probably about half right, there somethings that I agree with and disagree with. Another thing I disagree with is again in strength and weaknesses under weakness; it states my personality type is over analytical but I think at times I do not even analysis something I should but then that can be me viewing it as pointless so not bothering. I feel a lot of the points this personality trait actually goes into my work life more than say my personal life because if I see no reason for the work task it makes me unmotivated to even do it and I procrastinate or not bother entirely.

For the peer test, my partner did the test for me and got me The Logistician personality type. Again, with this result I agree about 50% of it, but if I combined the parts I agree with this test with the test I did, I think I got me. One thing I agree with is it states people of this personality type is Honest and Direct. The Honest and Direct bit of Strengths and Weaknesses say “Integrity is the heart of the ISTJ personality type. Emotional manipulation, mind games and reassuring lies all run counter to ISTJs’ preference for managing the reality of the situations they encounter with plain and simple honesty.” I agree this states with what this says but a lot of the time I’m honest because I do not see a reason to lie, a lie just hides the problem if you honest it could hurt someone but it tells them how to improve, like constructive criticism (that’s how I view it). I think people view me how I view myself, even though my peer got a different result the results are similar. They state similar things, for example under weaknesses they say I’m judgemental even though I do not view myself. I think these personalities come off as judgemental because people who are them are just honest, people do not like the truth so they view people with these personality traits as judgemental.

As I said earlier, I think if I combine the results of the Architect and Logistician together you get my personality. How my personality can affect my Final Major Project is probably down to stubbornness primarily. If I have an idea but I do it wrong, I will find it difficult to work with it and not change my mind about it (I will view as wrong). But with stubbornness it can affect my work positively as well, normally when I start something I am interested in or put time into, I must finish it. Another thing that could affect my work with my personality is I might have difficulty doing it if I do not see the logic of doing it. If it’s just because for the sake of doing it, I cannot get motivated to do it.

The Architect


The Logistician



One thought on “Unit 12-Week 2

  1. Joel, your work in these tasks needs greater care in terms of structure and further development in terms of the context of the work and your evaluation. You have not fully discussed the interview task and mention only briefly its initial purpose in helping you develop important research skills. An important part of the task was to help you understand how you can use an interview and structured questions to help you gather information, so there should be more detail of the process that you went through and the results, with an evaluation on your information gathering. Likewise, you need to develop your discussion of what your interview more. What questions did your interviewer ask you? What answers did you give and what were the conclusions?
    Your work on the Myers-Briggs test, while reflecting on the results, needs greater care in structure and evaluation. You should not really start and introduction with “For this test…” but should give a clear context, e.g. “In order to gain a greater insight into ourselves and understand how our personal qualities could influence our work for the FMP, we each took the Myers-Briggs personality test.” You also need to ensure that you specifically reflect on your results in terms of what you learned and how you may apply this knowledge to your FMP. How might your personal qualities, strengths and weaknesses influence your project? How might they determine your working practices? How could you use this information to maximise your project, work to your strengths and minimise weaknesses?


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