Unit 11

Year 1 Reflection

To progress into year two of my interactive media course and improve on my skills, I need to reflect on my first year. This may include how I progressed through the year and how my skills have improved by doing different task throughout the year too. It will also include what I enjoyed and my future goals (short, medium and long term goals).

Last year I learnt how to use equipment and software. I learnt how to use some of the adobe software products like Photoshop, InDesign and Premiere. In Photoshop, we learnt how to manipulate photos. In InDesign, we learnt how to create an app/e-book that can work on a mobile device. And in Premiere we learnt how to edit a basic video. Another thing I learnt is how to manipulate sound using Audacity, we learnt how to create static and add other features to a pre-recorded sound. I also learnt practical skills like how to create a CV and a creative CV. We also learnt how to present our ideas in a pitch, a similar way it is done in the media industry. We also learnt how to create and write scripts for recording voice overs and filming.

My main strength in year one was doing the practical stuff like photo manipulation and InDesign. I enjoyed using these skills and tools around them. I think my strength was more towards app/e-book design because for my Final Major Project I created an e-book of the Battle of the Bulge for mobile devices. When I was creating my e-book, I did uses Photoshop to create the background and manipulated the photos to look different. My biggest weakness of year 1 was the theory work that was based around the main projects. I have difficulty with punctuation, grammar and spelling.

My goal at the start of the beginning of last year was to learn a range of new skills to use in the media industry. The only thing that changed is what I wanted to learn, the main skill that I wanted to learn and improve is my animation skill because I would like to do animation when I move on from college I would like to either go to university and do an animation or media course. After education I would like to go into the media industry either working for a company or as a freelancer.


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