FMP Development Diary Week 10

This week I finished my Final Major Project by adding any decorative elements to my e-book. For example, improving the background.


I found paper texture that I felt went with my dossier. The paper texture was a tea stained colour but I did not like the whole texture because the actual piece of paper had a rip in it. So in Photoshop I cropped the paper down to get rid of the rip. After I added two paper textures to my e-book, I adjusted my e-book to work with the new textures so it looked like an actual secret document.


I created a paperclip in Photoshop. The paperclip was for any non-interactive photos that do not change. The original paperclip did not look 3D so I did not think it fitted in with the e-book. I then was shown a way to make it look 3D my adding a bevel and shadow to it. This made the paperclip work with the document and after adding them I tested the document to see if it still works, which it did. After testing I uploaded it to the Adobe Publishing Suite and tested it on my phone. Everything worked on my phone but I do wish some buttons were bigger but the problem was if I enlarge any buttons it would have ruined the layout of the e-book I feel. After testing on my phone, I published it.Paperclip 2


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