FMP Development Diary Week 9

This week I put all the elements I created together in the e-book. I also finished writing the content as I was putting things together because I think when I was laying it out I knew how much I needed to write about.


I finished writing the content I was having trouble with the week before. I had the previous weekend to think about what I want to write about. With the new information I needed new photos that are linked to the content. After gather the photos I also then edited the photos that look similar to the photos I did in the previous week.


I started to look for gifs because I could not find any videos that are free to use. I found three gifs that are useful to what I need; I found of a Tiger tank firing, a German tank moving and destroyed American equipment. Also today I started to create my e-book. I mange to create my title page and first page of my e-book. The first page was about the battle and explaining what happened during the battle.


Today I finished my e-book. I added a page about the Allies, which explained the 3rd Army’s role and the 101st Airborne Division role in the battle. The third page was about the M4 Sherman which told what gun it had and armour. The page also explained the adaptability of the Sherman and how it was improved. The fourth page was about the Germans and the Tiger tank. One problem I had was the gifs I found on Thursday were now blocked by the college and I could not use them because they were web content. I could not find any good replacements for the gifs . I would add them at home if I had InDesign.


FP SC          Content SC

Battle SC          Allies SC

Sherman SC          German SC




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