FMP Development Diary Week 8

This week I started the production of my Final Major Project.


I started to write up content for my e-book. When I was writing my content this week I had difficulty writing it because I just had trouble thinking up things to write about. I also revised my research to see if I can think of anything to write about.


I continued to write up content but still had trouble to think of things to write about and again after I revised my research to see if I can think of anything to write about. I then look for pictures to add to my e-book.

101st_Airborne_in_Bastogne,_Christmas_1944 Russland, Panzer VI (Tiger I)  Sherman_tanks_moving_forward_near_Lebisey_Wood Landscape


I continued to to write up content for my e-book but again I had trouble thinking of stuff to write. After I looked for stock footage of the Battle of the Bulge. I could not find any stock footage because all the royalty free footage I could find cost a lot of money to download.


I edited the photos I found on Wednesday. I wanted them to look like they are from a secret document, so a added a border around them and added a dark yellow tint around them. The dark yellow tint also made the pictures stand out and look clearer because there was snow on the days of the battle, the ground almost blended together with the sky, so adding the tint actually helped there. I also design and created multiple logo I am going to use for my e-book.

101st_Airborne_in_Bastogne,_Christmas_1944 edit Russland, Panzer VI (Tiger I) Sherman_tanks_moving_forward_near_Lebisey_Wood edit Landscape

Logo 1 Logo 2 Logo 3 Logo 4 logo 5

I feel this week this week should have been productive, I think my ability in literacy affected the work this week because I still have not finished the content. I do like how my logos ended up looking though and how the pictures look as well.



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