FMP Development Diary Week 7

This week I started to plan out my e-book by creating wire frames and a design document.


I created wire frames on paper to plan out the layout of my e-book. I created three wire frames; one for the first page and two for the normal page layout. The reason I done two for the normal page is because I am not to sure to create my e-book in a landscape or portrait, so I was experimenting on the look of the page.


I started my design document by looking at colour of the logo I’m going to have, the colour of the font I’m going to use. I chose a bright red for the logo because the logo is going to look like a classified logo. The font colour is a black/dark grey, a similar colour to a pen or pencil. I also looked at page colour, which is a tea stained yellow. This is so it looks like a classified document. I also created digital wire frames to put into my design document as well.


I finished creating the digital wire frames. I created four digital wire frames, I did this so I can get a look at how the e-book looks on a digital format. There was two first pages wire frames because I wanted to see what the title will look like if there was a straight title or a curved title. I chose to create my e-book in landscape when I was creating the digital wire frames because it looks squashed together if I created the e-book in portrait. I also added technical specification, audience, pages/sections, fonts and navigation to the design document.


I created a prototype for my e-book to experiment on interactivity and how I could use it. I tried multi-state objects and button interaction. I should have tried video as well but I did not because I was not to sure how to implement into my e-book. I also finished my design document by creating moods on what I want my e-book to look like. I then started to look at pictures to use in my e-book.

I feel this was successful in what I planed out to do. I planed out to get my prototype and design document done this week and I did. But I feel I could have got more done if I did all my task one at a time and not split them up because I had to remember what I was doing.

FMP Design Document


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