Focus Group and Final Ideas

For this task we got into groups and discussed our three ideas for our Final Major Project and give feedback to the other people in our groups about their ideas. The purpose of this task was to finalise my Finial Major Project with opinions of other people, so other people review my three ideas.

Feedback on Video idea:

The video was going to be a video about alternate history on if Germany won the Second World War. One bit of feedback I got was the idea has not got a lot of elements to it (quite simple). The video was simple because there was interactive elements to it. I was going to have a 2D drawing of a character that is like a narrator that tells the events and explains what happens. One suggest I got for this idea was use voice actors but I want to use my own voice. Another suggest is I could create a live action scene, this would be a good idea so people might be able to take in the information better if they can visualise it but that might take too much time to create. I do feel this idea is quite simple in the terms of interactivity but it could take a while to create though.

Text Based Adventure idea:

For this idea I was going to create a text based adventure story in a InDesign document. Each page will have different choices and scenarios that will lead you to a different page depending on the choices you make, so there will be multiple story branches. One problem that was pointed out with this idea was was it could get too complex and take a lot of time doing because where there are multiple story lines where the story could go. A pro for this task that I was given from feedback was it has the potential to have a lot of interactivity. I do feel out of my three ideas this was the weakest because I do not have a lot ideas with this project and I did not get a lot of feedback on this idea as well, so I do not know how to improve it either.

Interactive Timeline idea: 

I thought up this idea when I thought to combine the two previous ideas. I was going to create a interactive timeline on key events of during the Second World War. Some positive feedback was it would contain visuals and interactivity, so it will not be boring and easy to use. I said I was going to add videos into the interactive timeline so people do not have to read blocks of text and not get bored. The only problem with this is it will take a lot of time to complete and it could get complex having lots of pages to do. Another problem is it could take a lot of time to create with all the content like visual stuff like video and pictures. I do feel this is my strongest idea because I know a lot of knowledge of the Second World War and I enjoy learning history.

Final Idea:

From my feedback and suggestions I have chosen to do the Interactive timeline because the Second World War is a history subject that interests me and the other people in my focus group also suggested it as well. This task also will allow me to use multiple skills I learnt over the year. I can use skills in InDesign, Photoshop, Premier and audacity.

Action Plan:

  • Research key information and ways on producing it.
  • Plan layouts of the timeline.
  • Get useful images.
  • Write Scripts.
  • Record voice overs.
  • Create 2D character/narrator.
  • Create video.
  • Create timeline in Indesign or in another format.



One thought on “Focus Group and Final Ideas

  1. Joel, you have outlined the idea and some of the feedback that you receeived, but there is no introduction explaining this task. What was the purpose of it? Your account of feedback lacks detail – was this all the feedback you received? Where is your reflection outlining what you have learned from this task and how you might apply it to your FMP? You need to explain this fully and justify your choice.


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