Legal and Ethical Do’s and Don’ts

Legal and Ethical Do’s and Don’ts is a task where I outline legal and ethical problems I will come across with my Final Major Project. The purpose is to know what rules I have to follow and what to avoid when constructing my Final Major Project. With my interactive timeline I need to make sure I follow legal procedures with my timeline because I am creating a product that has similar products like it. I have to make sure I am not making my timeline similar to any others in case I brake any copy right law. Also with this project, I’m doing a lot of research so I need to make sure I am not using any intellectual property like videos, images and content. Also health and safety is important as well since I am working in front of a computer for a while, so I need to take regular brakes. Also I need to make sure any and all wires are safely out of the way and not in the way of walk ways, so no one will trip over them. With healthy and safety issues you will also need to do risk assessments so I know what are the hazards and how to deal with them properly. I will also need to be careful of offending any ethnic groups because I am covering the Second World War in my Final Major Project and a lot of tragedy of the war was based on ethnicity. I will also need to Harvard Reference all the research I do, so the people or organisation I get information off of get credit for it.

Harvard References:

Phoenix, K. and profile, V. my complete (2015) Understanding creative media studies. Available at: (Accessed: 01 May 2016).

Mattwattsmedia (2012) Hayley Louise Young. Available at: (Accessed: 30 June 2016).




2 thoughts on “Legal and Ethical Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Joel, there is no introduction explaining this task! What was the purpose of it? You have not included any evidence of research or Harvard references. Where is your reflection outlining what you have learned from this task and how you might apply it to your FMP? You must make sure that you explain why you need to follow these do’s and don’ts for your project. This is very limited work and does not represent the time that you had on this!


  2. Joel, why do you have Harvard references for information that is not relevant to this task here? Where are the specific references for legal and ethical do’s and don’ts?


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