SWOT Analysis

Alternate History Video

This idea is to create a video of how the world would be like if the Second World War has ended different. This video will contain voice over, editing, 2D drawing, stock photos and simple animation. With preparation for these things will need to script and do thumbnails for drawings.


The advantages of this project is it allows me to explore a range of skills like art and editing. This video will contain visual elements that will make easier to explain and understand because some things maybe hard to understand due to how the war actually ended and we are use to it as well. I think I will be good at the editing part of the idea because I like to be precise with things like editing and getting it perfect.The resources available to me for this project include Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Audacity, microphones and PCs. I think a strength of mine will editing because I am precise with timing with things like editing. Another strength of mine is animation because I would like to explore animation more and maybe do it for my career after education.


For weaknesses, I am not very good at writing. So scripting for project project could need improving because there might be grammatical problems in my script and spelling mistakes as well. I should avoid making the script to complex because of my weaknesses might make it hard to understand or make no sense. Other people say that spelling is a weakness of mine because I have difficulty spelling and often ask people for help with how to spell words. These weaknesses could effect my project by making the scripts hard to understand and read. Also having grammar and spelling problems could make it hard to communicate with people because messages will not be clear to people who do not understand my way of writing.


Opportunities from doing this idea will allow me to do a career in editing video and sound. It will also allow me to have opportunities in animation by doing this project as well. The trend of alternate history has gone up in the past three years, a YouTuber called the AlternateHistoryHub created his channel in 2012 and was creates similar videos to what I want to create. His first video was released in December of 2012 at the moment has over 28,000 views and now his videos now get on average 100,000 views to 500,000 views. In that time mobile technology has improved allow people to to view historical and alternate history videos on the move, meaning people who do not have a lot time to watch these videos can. Studying historical and alternate history will require people full attention, so it something you can not understand it if its on the background but having advancements in mobile technology allows people to watch it traveling.


The main obstacle with this idea would be time because there is a lot of stuff to do and could take a lot of time to do and complete. Also I might not have all the resources I need available to me, stuff like Adobe Premier and Photoshop I do not have at home. My weaknesses can affect my project because with voice acting in it and I am not good at writing scripts, it could not make sense if the voice actor says what I wrote or the voice actor might not understand what I wrote either.

Text Based Adventure

This idea was going to be a text based adventure created in InDesign where you play as a leader of a country and you will make decisions and depending what you choose you get a different choice next time. So there would be story branches with multiple choices and consequences.


The advantages of this idea is it has a lot a creativity behind it in terms of story, interactivity and visually. It allows me to use these elements to tell a interesting story or stories. I think I could do the interactive elements well because I have experience in interactive elements in InDesign. I think as well I will do visual elements well because I enjoy create visual stuff and I also have a qualification in Art and Design. Resources available to for this idea is Photoshop for visual elements, InDesign for the actual text based adventure, word for any planing and pencil and paper for planing any visual elements. I think people would say interactivity is a strength of mine because I like to be accurate when I need to get stuff like pages linked together or buttons working. I think this idea will be useful because I am considering working in the video game industry and it would be a good starting point.


For this project I need to improve my writing skills because I am not the best at spell and getting my writing grammatically correct. Not getting sentences and words correct is bad for telling stories because it will not sound correct and be hard to understand. A weakness of this project is it could take a lot of time to create with multiple story branches and other elements to. I should making the story to complicated because I would have difficultly writing it and it could be hard to follow as well. People would agree and say my weakness would be writing due to me usually asking for assistance with spelling and proof reading. This could be difficult for me and working in the video game industry because I would need to create design documents for any ideas and it might be difficult for me to get my idea out.


There are many opportunities from doing this idea because in this project there is visual elements that allow me to do photo manipulation and draw, this get me in a career of photo editing. Another opportunity is to improve my literacy skill due to it being a text based adventure. A trend I could capitalies on is mobile gaming. I can use mobile gaming to get my product out there easily and more people can use because more people will have a mobile phone and tablet than having a PC or games console.


An obstacle I face is time because there is a lot a elements in this project that could take up a lot of time for one person to do on their own. Another obstacle I face is my literacy skills because this idea is based around writing, so I need to make sure it is grammatical correct and spelled correctly. Proof reading can take a long time to do, so I need to make sure I have time to do that as well.

Interactive Timeline

This idea was to create an interactive timeline of major events of World War Two. This idea will contain text and visual elements like video and pictures. The time line will be produced on Adobe InDesign.


The advantage of this idea is I enjoy studying history and studied it for my GCSE and A-Level. Another adventure of this project is it has the a lot of interesting ways of implementing interactivity to teach a subject. I do interactivity well because I have experience in it by doing it in a pass project. I also remember a lot of history facts as well, so have the knowledge to do this idea. Other people see my knowledge of history an advantage as well.  Resources available for this task are Adobe Photoshop for photo manipulation, Adobe Premier for any videos, pen and paper for planing, PC and books for research. My strengths could help me in my career because I could use them for inspiration for any ideas.


For this idea there is a lot of research, so I need to note take. I usually try to remember, so need to get in the habit of taking notes down for the research for this project. A also need to improve my writing skills because this timeline is for educational purposes and getting information grammatically incorrect can make the information incorrect as well. Other people would agree that my grammar is a weakness of mine because I usually ask others to proof read my work because to me it sounds correct. For this project I should avoid doing to many events because it could take too much time researching them.


Opportunities available for doing this idea is to get a career producing educational app to help people with their studies. A trend that has appeared recently is the increase of educational services appearing more online and on mobile devices. This is probably due to mobile devices and internet becoming more accessible for the public in the past ten years, now people can study on their phones. This is useful for people who go to school, college or university far from where they live because they can study on their mobile device while they travel.


The main obstacle I face with this idea is time because the Second World War is a wide subject cover, so I need to limit my research options to cover more specific subjects. This is to limit my research time down so I can actual spend time on produce the app. Technology can also be a problem because I do not have Adobe at home so I can not work on a lot of my idea at home. Also my weakness can also be a threat to my idea because if I get things grammatical incorrect it could ruin the information and make it incoreect.



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