Explain specialist area and why?

The specialist areas in by Final Major Project are 2D artist/concept artist, photo and video editor, audio editor, voice actor and historian. The reason I would like to have 2D art in my video is the narrator will be a 2D drawing of a character I will design. The character would not be animated but may change position depending on whats on the video. I would like to have a 2D art in my video because I would like to improve my drawing skills. Another specialist area is photo and video editor. Since my Final Major Project is a video, I will need to edit it. I will need to add sound and any visual elements to the video during the editing process. I also have audio editing and voice acting as a specialist areas because I am going to be narrating it in my own voice and I then got to edit the voice recording to get rid of any incorrect segments of the recording and adjust the sound volumes. The last specialist area is historian, my video is about alternate history but I would have to make the events prior to the events in the video historically accurate.

2D Artist/Concept artist-

Personal Skills:

  • Adaptability- Create multiple drawings and change any if necessary.
  • Multitasking- Work on multiple projects and maybe required to work in different roles.
  • Organisational- Time management, stay to deadlines.

Interpersonal Skill:

  • Teamwork- Need to work other people to come up with ideas and create art work.
  • Communication- Need to talk to people for inspiration and share ideas.

Video, photo and audio editor-

Personal Skills:

  • Initiative- An editor need to use their initiative to figure out how they are going to edit something to make it look and sound good.
  • Problem Solving- You need to solve problems when editing because you need to figure out what is needed and how to fit it in. Also editing stuff can cause problems like overlapping audio and texture problems, an editor needs to find out whats causing it and fix it.
  • Multitasking- You maybe required to work on multiple editing project at the same time because you maybe under time conditions, so you will need to get it done as quick as possible. If you are also working with a team, they may ask for your help with what they are doing. So you will be doing your work as well as helping with their work.
  • Organisation- Organising work is important because your more likely to be working on multiple projects at the same time. So having organised folders would stop you losing work or getting work mixed up. It also would have organising your tools/software where they are easy to access.

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Teamwork: You may work in a team with some editing projects (mainly if you work for company and not free lance). In a team, a project will split up so it is easier to complete. But different people have different skills and preference, so you would need to adapt around their preferred method of work.
  • Communication: You would need to communicate with people in your team when working on to see what they have done, what you need to do and if they/you need any help. If you free lancing you would also need to communicate with your client to see what they want or if they like work and if any changes are needed.



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