Target Audience

The Target Audience task, was a task where I had to create two profiles. The people in the profiles would want to use a similar product to what I would like to create for my Final Major Project. I would like to create a similar video to what the YouTuber AlternateHistoryHub usually makes, and I used his video What if Germany Won World War II? (Part 1) as the main sources of inspiration for the task. The purpose of the task was to think about what type audience we would get for our Final Major Project product. I learnt that history and alternate history is a subject you have to have a interest in to be able to watch and understand. So the target audience would have jobs or hobbies generally are based around history.

This can useful for my Final Major Project because I know a similar product who’s audience I can use to base the target audience of my product I’m going to make.

AlternateHistoryHub (2015) What if Germany won world war II? (part 1). Available at: (Accessed: 13 June 2016).

Profile 1 Profile 2



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