Interactive Media Ecosystem

I Media Ecosystem InfoG

This is the Interactive Media Ecosystem task. This task was to create an infographic of the ecosystem of an interactive media environment. The reason for doing the Interactive Media Ecosystem task was to gain a greater understanding in of the Interactive Media industry. With this task we learnt the different types of sectors, platforms, job roles and organisation and institutes. The four areas are connected to each other; sectors are products that are created by people. The job roles produce products for an organisation/institution who distribute them on a platform or media which is appropriate for that sector.

We got split into groups and research the different sections. I researched job roles, mainly programmer. I found out for a interactive media programmer needs to work with text, sound, graphics, digital photography, 2D/3D modeling, animation and video. The tools a interactive media programmer may use could be Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and Flash 3D animator, Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Audio. I also found out what type of employers would be looking for an interactive media programmer would include advertising and marketing, IT, games, broadcasting, telecomunication, publishing and education.

AGCAS editors. (2016). Job profiles Multimedia programmer. Available: Last accessed 4th June 2016.

Once we found out the different types of the ecosystem, we created a info-graphic (above). I did a mind map which I felt `presented the information clearly. I do think I could of presented in a different way so I can fit more information on it like examples of companies. I also feel I could of made a better background for it, I do like it but I feel I could picked better colours.

I learnt for my Final Major Project, I need to consider all four areas instead of just one. I need to think what am I going to produce, how I’m going to produce it and how am I going to distribute it.



One thought on “Interactive Media Ecosystem

  1. Joel, this is a rather basic presentation of the information and you haven’t included any significant detail on the ecosystem. You haven’t really explained the relationship between these sectors or thought more about the industry. You need to provide a proper introduction, explaining the purpose of the task and include a reflection which deals with what you learned and how you could apply this to your FMP. Where is the evidence of your research and your Harvard referencing?


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