Who am I?

Who am i

The Who am I task was to create an infographic that contains information about me. The reason for doing this task is to gather a good understanding of who I am. This is so I can choose the correct project for my Final Major Project. The mind map infographic list all my influences in life, for example family, where I lived and where I visited. I started off creating a paper version to plan out the infographic and see what I’m putting on it. Then in Photoshop I created an easier to read version with some colour. I feel I could make the information clearer by spacing the information out more. I learned more about myself by doing this task, for example I like to be organised when doing stuff like travelling. I also learnt what area I would like to cover for my Final Major Project, which is history.


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Joel, your work needs a proper reflection, explaining what the purpose of the task was and what you did. You also need a detailed reflection on what you learned from this and how you can apply it to your FMP.


  2. Joel, where are the rest of the blog posts? You are missing a substantial number and not made a significant update to your blog recently. I am deeply concerned.


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