Production Diary (Week 10)

This week we combined all our dossier pages together into one document. After we combined them, we need to sort out our buttons on our pages. The problem we had was the button would not work because in Indesign, when we looked at our page layouts, we notice that all our pages were in separate columns and not in one column. This caused some problems with the buttons because having each dossier in separate columns were being treated similarly as a separate document. We solved this problem by coping and creating a new column. This will put all the dossiers in one column and then we deleted all the other dossiers since do not need them anymore. After we did this we corrected the buttons because the buttons still had the same commands that was given will still be the same, so for example if on the original dossier they were created on they button was to send you to page four and on the combined dossier that page might be page eight. So the button will send you to page four and not correct it self.

After combining and correcting the buttons we started testing the dossier. Everything worked we tested it our selves and by other people. Most people feed back we got said we needed to make the navigation clearer but everything else is fine.


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