Product Review

Product 1

What if Germany Won World War II?

Part 1-  AlternativeHistoryHub . (2015). What if Germany Won World War II? (Part 1). Available: Last accessed 28th April 2016.

Part 2- AlternativeHistoryHub . (2016). What if Germany Won World War II? (Part 2). Available: Last accessed 28th April 2016.

Part 3- AlternativeHistoryHub . (2016). What if Germany Won World War II? (Part 3). Available: Last accessed 28th April 2016.

Part 4- AlternativeHistoryHub . (2016). What if Germany Won World War II? (Part 4). Available: Last accessed 28th April 2016.

What is it for? The Purpose?

The purpose of these videos are to educate people on how the world would be different if Germany won the Second World War. The videos focus on how life could be different in not just Germany but the other countries and also focuses on social life as well. The videos contain simple animations that make it easier to visualise information. The animation is simply a digital picture that changes depending on what the narrator says.

What form does it take? Why was it chosen?

The form this product takes is a four part video series. This is done to make it easier for people to visualise what could happen. But there is not a lot happening in the actual video so you could just listen to as well, similar to a podcast, so you could listen to it instead and focus on other tasks as well.

Which platform is it on and why?

The platform these video series is on is YouTube. This is done so anyone can access it for free if they have an internet connection. The AlternativeHistoryHub might be able to turn the four part series into one one hour long DVD so people can watch it without an internet connection.

Which genre is it? What makes it that genre? 

The genre of the the video is historical because it is a documentary about alternate history but it contains some historical accuracy in due to the events prior to the alternate events. Another genre is documentary because informs people about how life would different if an event in the past.

Who is the audience?

The target audience of this video series is probably men in the age range between 25-35. It is also targeted at people who like history/alternate history genre and similar products like Wolfenstein: The New Order.


The strength of this product is the easy accessibility of it due to it being online and you can watch on almost any digital media, for example phone, tablet, game consoles and smart TV’s. Another strength is it is informative about real facts, even though it is about a alternate timeline.


A weakness of these videos are they have a lot of information to take in. It can be a good to have a lot of information but if you have no knowledge of anything in the videos it can be difficult to understand.

Product 2

World War 2 History Timeline


Every Time Apps Studio. (2015). World War 2 History Timeline APK. Available: Last accessed 12th May 2016.

What is it for? The purpose?

The purpose of this app is to give out information about key dates and events about World War 2. The app gives out information on a timeline starting in September 1938 and ends in December 1945.

What form does it take? Why was it chosen?

The form it takes is an application on a Android mobile device. This was chosen so anyone can use the app anywhere with an internet connection. The app is also free so really anyone can download it and use it.

Which platform is it on and why?

The platform this app is on is an Android device. The platform was chosen because most Android devices are touch screen and it allows to have interactive elements like swipe to scroll and the ability to add videos and pictures as well. The app does require a internet connection to work because the videos on the app are embedded from YouTube.

Which genre is it? What makes it that genre? 

The genre of this app is documentary. It is a documentary app because it informs people about events and dates about the Second World War.

Who is the audience?

The target audience is people who are interested about history. The general target age is probably adults between the age of 25 to 45 because the app is not the most complex in the world and it does tell you to swipe to scroll but it does not tell where or what to to scroll. It is probably created for people who do not know a lot about the war and back history of it.


The app is free and has a lot of content for a free app. The app has a lot of useful information for a person who is in some form of education. The information is simple to understand and is not a huge blocks of text. It also has videos that simplify information and talks about less well known events.


A weakness for this app is it has a lot of frame rate issues, it jumps about often when trying to swipe a long the timeline. Also there is not an offline mode, the app contains videos that are embedded from YouTube but there is text that also explains the videos as well. An offline mode would allow people to use where ever they want instead of needing a place with an internet connection.

What I learnt

From reviewing these two products I have learnt good ways on presenting information and some good ideas on what I would like to do for my Final Major Project. I would like to create a video that has the simplicity of the AlternateHistoryHub videos and detail of the video and the World War Two timeline.



SWOT Analysis

Alternate History Video

This idea is to create a video of how the world would be like if the Second World War has ended different. This video will contain voice over, editing, 2D drawing, stock photos and simple animation. With preparation for these things will need to script and do thumbnails for drawings.


The advantages of this project is it allows me to explore a range of skills like art and editing. This video will contain visual elements that will make easier to explain and understand because some things maybe hard to understand due to how the war actually ended and we are use to it as well. I think I will be good at the editing part of the idea because I like to be precise with things like editing and getting it perfect.The resources available to me for this project include Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Audacity, microphones and PCs. I think a strength of mine will editing because I am precise with timing with things like editing. Another strength of mine is animation because I would like to explore animation more and maybe do it for my career after education.


For weaknesses, I am not very good at writing. So scripting for project project could need improving because there might be grammatical problems in my script and spelling mistakes as well. I should avoid making the script to complex because of my weaknesses might make it hard to understand or make no sense. Other people say that spelling is a weakness of mine because I have difficulty spelling and often ask people for help with how to spell words. These weaknesses could effect my project by making the scripts hard to understand and read. Also having grammar and spelling problems could make it hard to communicate with people because messages will not be clear to people who do not understand my way of writing.


Opportunities from doing this idea will allow me to do a career in editing video and sound. It will also allow me to have opportunities in animation by doing this project as well. The trend of alternate history has gone up in the past three years, a YouTuber called the AlternateHistoryHub created his channel in 2012 and was creates similar videos to what I want to create. His first video was released in December of 2012 at the moment has over 28,000 views and now his videos now get on average 100,000 views to 500,000 views. In that time mobile technology has improved allow people to to view historical and alternate history videos on the move, meaning people who do not have a lot time to watch these videos can. Studying historical and alternate history will require people full attention, so it something you can not understand it if its on the background but having advancements in mobile technology allows people to watch it traveling.


The main obstacle with this idea would be time because there is a lot of stuff to do and could take a lot of time to do and complete. Also I might not have all the resources I need available to me, stuff like Adobe Premier and Photoshop I do not have at home. My weaknesses can affect my project because with voice acting in it and I am not good at writing scripts, it could not make sense if the voice actor says what I wrote or the voice actor might not understand what I wrote either.

Text Based Adventure

This idea was going to be a text based adventure created in InDesign where you play as a leader of a country and you will make decisions and depending what you choose you get a different choice next time. So there would be story branches with multiple choices and consequences.


The advantages of this idea is it has a lot a creativity behind it in terms of story, interactivity and visually. It allows me to use these elements to tell a interesting story or stories. I think I could do the interactive elements well because I have experience in interactive elements in InDesign. I think as well I will do visual elements well because I enjoy create visual stuff and I also have a qualification in Art and Design. Resources available to for this idea is Photoshop for visual elements, InDesign for the actual text based adventure, word for any planing and pencil and paper for planing any visual elements. I think people would say interactivity is a strength of mine because I like to be accurate when I need to get stuff like pages linked together or buttons working. I think this idea will be useful because I am considering working in the video game industry and it would be a good starting point.


For this project I need to improve my writing skills because I am not the best at spell and getting my writing grammatically correct. Not getting sentences and words correct is bad for telling stories because it will not sound correct and be hard to understand. A weakness of this project is it could take a lot of time to create with multiple story branches and other elements to. I should making the story to complicated because I would have difficultly writing it and it could be hard to follow as well. People would agree and say my weakness would be writing due to me usually asking for assistance with spelling and proof reading. This could be difficult for me and working in the video game industry because I would need to create design documents for any ideas and it might be difficult for me to get my idea out.


There are many opportunities from doing this idea because in this project there is visual elements that allow me to do photo manipulation and draw, this get me in a career of photo editing. Another opportunity is to improve my literacy skill due to it being a text based adventure. A trend I could capitalies on is mobile gaming. I can use mobile gaming to get my product out there easily and more people can use because more people will have a mobile phone and tablet than having a PC or games console.


An obstacle I face is time because there is a lot a elements in this project that could take up a lot of time for one person to do on their own. Another obstacle I face is my literacy skills because this idea is based around writing, so I need to make sure it is grammatical correct and spelled correctly. Proof reading can take a long time to do, so I need to make sure I have time to do that as well.

Interactive Timeline

This idea was to create an interactive timeline of major events of World War Two. This idea will contain text and visual elements like video and pictures. The time line will be produced on Adobe InDesign.


The advantage of this idea is I enjoy studying history and studied it for my GCSE and A-Level. Another adventure of this project is it has the a lot of interesting ways of implementing interactivity to teach a subject. I do interactivity well because I have experience in it by doing it in a pass project. I also remember a lot of history facts as well, so have the knowledge to do this idea. Other people see my knowledge of history an advantage as well.  Resources available for this task are Adobe Photoshop for photo manipulation, Adobe Premier for any videos, pen and paper for planing, PC and books for research. My strengths could help me in my career because I could use them for inspiration for any ideas.


For this idea there is a lot of research, so I need to note take. I usually try to remember, so need to get in the habit of taking notes down for the research for this project. A also need to improve my writing skills because this timeline is for educational purposes and getting information grammatically incorrect can make the information incorrect as well. Other people would agree that my grammar is a weakness of mine because I usually ask others to proof read my work because to me it sounds correct. For this project I should avoid doing to many events because it could take too much time researching them.


Opportunities available for doing this idea is to get a career producing educational app to help people with their studies. A trend that has appeared recently is the increase of educational services appearing more online and on mobile devices. This is probably due to mobile devices and internet becoming more accessible for the public in the past ten years, now people can study on their phones. This is useful for people who go to school, college or university far from where they live because they can study on their mobile device while they travel.


The main obstacle I face with this idea is time because the Second World War is a wide subject cover, so I need to limit my research options to cover more specific subjects. This is to limit my research time down so I can actual spend time on produce the app. Technology can also be a problem because I do not have Adobe at home so I can not work on a lot of my idea at home. Also my weakness can also be a threat to my idea because if I get things grammatical incorrect it could ruin the information and make it incoreect.


Career Path

The career path task is to create a flow chart of what I have done before this course and what I plan to do in the future after this course. The purpose of this task is to think of what I would like to do for my Final Major Project and base it around my future plans.

With the flow chart, I think the information is laid out clearly but I do the colour draws the eyes away from the information on the flow chart.

Doing this task made me want to create a video that contains simple animation for my Final Major Project.

Career path info

Tool Box

The tool box task is a mind map of different job roles that are in my Final Major Project and the tools that are required in those jobs. For this task I created the mind map on the on The purpose of this task is to gather an understanding of what tools I will need to complete my Final Major Project.

Tool Box

From doing this task I learnt what tools I need use to do my Final Major Project and skills needed to use them. It also helped me to think of some alternatives to these products just in case something goes wrong. I do feel I could of stated what alternatives I could use instead of saying what I’m primarily going to use, for example I could of said I could use GIMP 2 instead of Photoshop in case something happened to Photoshop.

Explain specialist area and why?

The specialist areas in by Final Major Project are 2D artist/concept artist, photo and video editor, audio editor, voice actor and historian. The reason I would like to have 2D art in my video is the narrator will be a 2D drawing of a character I will design. The character would not be animated but may change position depending on whats on the video. I would like to have a 2D art in my video because I would like to improve my drawing skills. Another specialist area is photo and video editor. Since my Final Major Project is a video, I will need to edit it. I will need to add sound and any visual elements to the video during the editing process. I also have audio editing and voice acting as a specialist areas because I am going to be narrating it in my own voice and I then got to edit the voice recording to get rid of any incorrect segments of the recording and adjust the sound volumes. The last specialist area is historian, my video is about alternate history but I would have to make the events prior to the events in the video historically accurate.

2D Artist/Concept artist-

Personal Skills:

  • Adaptability- Create multiple drawings and change any if necessary.
  • Multitasking- Work on multiple projects and maybe required to work in different roles.
  • Organisational- Time management, stay to deadlines.

Interpersonal Skill:

  • Teamwork- Need to work other people to come up with ideas and create art work.
  • Communication- Need to talk to people for inspiration and share ideas.

Video, photo and audio editor-

Personal Skills:

  • Initiative- An editor need to use their initiative to figure out how they are going to edit something to make it look and sound good.
  • Problem Solving- You need to solve problems when editing because you need to figure out what is needed and how to fit it in. Also editing stuff can cause problems like overlapping audio and texture problems, an editor needs to find out whats causing it and fix it.
  • Multitasking- You maybe required to work on multiple editing project at the same time because you maybe under time conditions, so you will need to get it done as quick as possible. If you are also working with a team, they may ask for your help with what they are doing. So you will be doing your work as well as helping with their work.
  • Organisation- Organising work is important because your more likely to be working on multiple projects at the same time. So having organised folders would stop you losing work or getting work mixed up. It also would have organising your tools/software where they are easy to access.

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Teamwork: You may work in a team with some editing projects (mainly if you work for company and not free lance). In a team, a project will split up so it is easier to complete. But different people have different skills and preference, so you would need to adapt around their preferred method of work.
  • Communication: You would need to communicate with people in your team when working on to see what they have done, what you need to do and if they/you need any help. If you free lancing you would also need to communicate with your client to see what they want or if they like work and if any changes are needed.


Meet the Team

The Meet the Team task was designed to make us understand important roles in our Final Major Project. We had to create a profile for a made up person who works in one of the job roles in our Final Major Project. The purpose of this task is to gather knowledge on what we need to do and know what we need to do to get or do that job. The job role I chose was 2D artist because for my video I am going to have a character be the presenter/narrator, he will not be animated just a still picture.

I learnt what qualification are needed to do this job and experience needed to get a job in the industry. The knowledge I learnt from doing this task is useful for my Final Major Project because it explains how hard I have to work to do this job and in my Final Major Project.
2D artist tt

NaturalMotion (2015) 2D artist. Available at: (Accessed: 13 June 2016).

Target Audience

The Target Audience task, was a task where I had to create two profiles. The people in the profiles would want to use a similar product to what I would like to create for my Final Major Project. I would like to create a similar video to what the YouTuber AlternateHistoryHub usually makes, and I used his video What if Germany Won World War II? (Part 1) as the main sources of inspiration for the task. The purpose of the task was to think about what type audience we would get for our Final Major Project product. I learnt that history and alternate history is a subject you have to have a interest in to be able to watch and understand. So the target audience would have jobs or hobbies generally are based around history.

This can useful for my Final Major Project because I know a similar product who’s audience I can use to base the target audience of my product I’m going to make.

AlternateHistoryHub (2015) What if Germany won world war II? (part 1). Available at: (Accessed: 13 June 2016).

Profile 1 Profile 2


Interactive Media Ecosystem

I Media Ecosystem InfoG

This is the Interactive Media Ecosystem task. This task was to create an infographic of the ecosystem of an interactive media environment. The reason for doing the Interactive Media Ecosystem task was to gain a greater understanding in of the Interactive Media industry. With this task we learnt the different types of sectors, platforms, job roles and organisation and institutes. The four areas are connected to each other; sectors are products that are created by people. The job roles produce products for an organisation/institution who distribute them on a platform or media which is appropriate for that sector.

We got split into groups and research the different sections. I researched job roles, mainly programmer. I found out for a interactive media programmer needs to work with text, sound, graphics, digital photography, 2D/3D modeling, animation and video. The tools a interactive media programmer may use could be Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and Flash 3D animator, Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Audio. I also found out what type of employers would be looking for an interactive media programmer would include advertising and marketing, IT, games, broadcasting, telecomunication, publishing and education.

AGCAS editors. (2016). Job profiles Multimedia programmer. Available: Last accessed 4th June 2016.

Once we found out the different types of the ecosystem, we created a info-graphic (above). I did a mind map which I felt `presented the information clearly. I do think I could of presented in a different way so I can fit more information on it like examples of companies. I also feel I could of made a better background for it, I do like it but I feel I could picked better colours.

I learnt for my Final Major Project, I need to consider all four areas instead of just one. I need to think what am I going to produce, how I’m going to produce it and how am I going to distribute it.


Who am I?

Who am i

The Who am I task was to create an infographic that contains information about me. The reason for doing this task is to gather a good understanding of who I am. This is so I can choose the correct project for my Final Major Project. The mind map infographic list all my influences in life, for example family, where I lived and where I visited. I started off creating a paper version to plan out the infographic and see what I’m putting on it. Then in Photoshop I created an easier to read version with some colour. I feel I could make the information clearer by spacing the information out more. I learned more about myself by doing this task, for example I like to be organised when doing stuff like travelling. I also learnt what area I would like to cover for my Final Major Project, which is history.

Trends Timeline


The trends timeline was a research task on interactive media trends from the past to the present. We done this task to gather an understanding on how trends are born in the interactive media industry and if there are any trends happening at the moment. I found out that usually trends start when a new product is released, for example smart phones became popular when Apple released their iPhone. I also found out the origins of each trend as well. I do feel I could put more information on the timeline but I did not have a lot of space to do it.

When was the first computer invented? (2016) Available at: (Accessed: 13 June 2016).

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What is floppy disk? (2016) Available at: (Accessed: 13 June 2016).

The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica (2016) ‘Pong | electronic game’, in Encyclopædia Britannica. Available at: (Accessed: 13 June 2016).

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