Production Diary (Week 8)

First thing I did this week was finalised my A Master Page on InDesign layout. I then started to design the layout of the first page which is the introduction page or gives out the brief information on the world. I also gathered some flags as well, I had to modifier a Swedish flag to get the Scandinavian flag. I also created a map of Europe in this alternate timeline and created a paper texture looking version as well.

Knife CaptureI also created another knife in 3DS Max because I did not like how last weeks one went. I liked the outcome of my knife even though it ended up looking like a prison shank. I would have liked it to look more like a proper knife than a prison shank.

We also created another audio log this week. This audio log was better because we were in a appropriate room with sound proofing, so there was no outside interference and I also have



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