Production Skills (Week 5)

This week we revised the Indesign skills we learnt in previous weeks (how to add text, pictures, buttons, creating new pages and designing an A Master page). We did also learn how to use overlays on Indesign to either have an image sequence, audio play or have an video on a page.

We also rewrote/improved our scripts from week 3 and 4 and recorded our improvements to get us used to voice acting and writing scripts. Again I thought mine went well but with more experience it could be better. We also learnt how to create Foley by using common house hold equipment. We did this so we get use to creating our own sound instead of using sound we found on the internet.

We also did a two and a half 3D modeling task where we create anything we want that looked like it was from the 1870’s, I created a chest. We the time we had we needed to find examples of the thing we wanted to create. Then we had to design three thumb nails of possible designs we would create. After we picked our design we get to create and texture it in 3DS Max. I felt it went well, I did run out of time with about one or two things left to texture but overall it went really well.



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