Production Diary (Week 7)

This week, I first had a team discussion to see who is going to do what. I was going to do research and create lore about the world. In the session I research how Europe looked like at the height of the French Empire under Napoleon. I then found three maps one of modern Europe, Napoleonic Europe and modern world map. I then coloured the land to what major power controlled it on Photoshop. I also created a colour key for it so anyone who was looking at it knows who’s who. World Map

When I coloured the map in I used information from another group (the group creating the resistance dossier) who did a similar thing but only coloured in the British Isles and the US’s land as resistance lands and coloured in French controlled land, I went a step further and coloured in other countries that would resist French control. After I finished the map I started on writing the information on a word document. I think the map and information of the world gave me an good idea of the world. I would of liked to used a map that had borders from either the 1870’s or at the height of Napoleon’s empire.

After creating this map, I got just the map not the key and put it in a different Photoshop file I then found a paper texture from and added it to the file. I put the paper texture above the map and lowered the Opacity to 65%. I then double clicked on the map layer to get the effects options and went to “Color Overlay”. I chose a blacky yellow. Colour Capture 1

I also lowered the Opacity of the “Color Overlay” to 41%. I then adjust the Level on the paper texture so it brings out more of the paper texture on the map but it does not block any key information. World Map Paper

I wanted an parchment look so it looks like it was from the 1870’s, I feel I succeed in doing that but I feel I could of brought out the nations out a bit more and clearer.

I also started to design a knife on 3DS Max. It changed multiple times during the creation process, I could of avoided this if I designed it on paper first then creating it on 3DS Max. I originally wanted to create a small knife that would be easy to hide for a spy. I then decided to change it to a Ballistic Knife (the blade will be launched via a spring mechanism). By the end I did not like how it turned out because it was not how I pictured it but I could of avoided it by designing it on paper.


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