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Reference – A word document that has all my references on as well.




Production Diary (Week 9)

This week I finished adding content to my part of the interactive dossier and added buttons that allow people to navigate to different pages.

I also edited my audio log that I recorded in week 8 and added it to my dossier to a vinyl that someone in my group created on Photoshop. I tried to create one my self but it did not end up looking like a vinyl record. What I did is turn the background black and unlocked it to become layer 0. I then added noise and a radial blur to make a ripple effect to make it look like a vinyl disk. The problem I had is it either did not look like it rippled or you can still see the noise effect.

I also created simple arrows in Photoshop for a slide show. The arrows are for a slide show of flags.


Production Diary (Week 8)

First thing I did this week was finalised my A Master Page on InDesign layout. I then started to design the layout of the first page which is the introduction page or gives out the brief information on the world. I also gathered some flags as well, I had to modifier a Swedish flag to get the Scandinavian flag. I also created a map of Europe in this alternate timeline and created a paper texture looking version as well.

Knife CaptureI also created another knife in 3DS Max because I did not like how last weeks one went. I liked the outcome of my knife even though it ended up looking like a prison shank. I would have liked it to look more like a proper knife than a prison shank.

We also created another audio log this week. This audio log was better because we were in a appropriate room with sound proofing, so there was no outside interference and I also have


Production Diary (Week 7)

This week, I first had a team discussion to see who is going to do what. I was going to do research and create lore about the world. In the session I research how Europe looked like at the height of the French Empire under Napoleon. I then found three maps one of modern Europe, Napoleonic Europe and modern world map. I then coloured the land to what major power controlled it on Photoshop. I also created a colour key for it so anyone who was looking at it knows who’s who. World Map

When I coloured the map in I used information from another group (the group creating the resistance dossier) who did a similar thing but only coloured in the British Isles and the US’s land as resistance lands and coloured in French controlled land, I went a step further and coloured in other countries that would resist French control. After I finished the map I started on writing the information on a word document. I think the map and information of the world gave me an good idea of the world. I would of liked to used a map that had borders from either the 1870’s or at the height of Napoleon’s empire.

After creating this map, I got just the map not the key and put it in a different Photoshop file I then found a paper texture from and added it to the file. I put the paper texture above the map and lowered the Opacity to 65%. I then double clicked on the map layer to get the effects options and went to “Color Overlay”. I chose a blacky yellow. Colour Capture 1

I also lowered the Opacity of the “Color Overlay” to 41%. I then adjust the Level on the paper texture so it brings out more of the paper texture on the map but it does not block any key information. World Map Paper

I wanted an parchment look so it looks like it was from the 1870’s, I feel I succeed in doing that but I feel I could of brought out the nations out a bit more and clearer.

I also started to design a knife on 3DS Max. It changed multiple times during the creation process, I could of avoided this if I designed it on paper first then creating it on 3DS Max. I originally wanted to create a small knife that would be easy to hide for a spy. I then decided to change it to a Ballistic Knife (the blade will be launched via a spring mechanism). By the end I did not like how it turned out because it was not how I pictured it but I could of avoided it by designing it on paper.

Production Skills (Week 6)

This week we learned how to animate textures of our tesseract on 3DS Max and how to animate the tesseract/an object in it as well. With animating textures, all we did was make the texture pulse (fade in and out), we did this by clicking AutoKey and in the Material Editor set the Self Illuminate option to any number between 0-100. Then on the time line on the bottom of the screen, I moved the time slider to a different point om the time line. Then I raised or lowered the Self Illuminate option

I did animate the textures but I find where I used quite bright textures it makes it less noticeable.

Production Skills (Week 5)

This week we revised the Indesign skills we learnt in previous weeks (how to add text, pictures, buttons, creating new pages and designing an A Master page). We did also learn how to use overlays on Indesign to either have an image sequence, audio play or have an video on a page.

We also rewrote/improved our scripts from week 3 and 4 and recorded our improvements to get us used to voice acting and writing scripts. Again I thought mine went well but with more experience it could be better. We also learnt how to create Foley by using common house hold equipment. We did this so we get use to creating our own sound instead of using sound we found on the internet.

We also did a two and a half 3D modeling task where we create anything we want that looked like it was from the 1870’s, I created a chest. We the time we had we needed to find examples of the thing we wanted to create. Then we had to design three thumb nails of possible designs we would create. After we picked our design we get to create and texture it in 3DS Max. I felt it went well, I did run out of time with about one or two things left to texture but overall it went really well.


Production Diary (Week 5)

This week we started to create our pitch PowerPoint. We talked about what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. My group split the PowerPoint into sections where we spoke about our specific sections. I spoke about my research role in the group and my page. Me and someone else in our group agreed to exchange pages so I’m now the Intel page of our group (I talk about the world).

Production Diary (Week 6)

This week we presented our pitch of our dossier of Louis Daguerre and the spies to our tutor who is representing the company (Punka Studios). Our pitch had initial ideas like sketches and ideas for equipment. It also contained page layout designs, fonts and colours we are going to use.


My part of the pitch was research and a page layout (slide 8 on the left). I think I did well, I think I should of explained my ideas a little clearer and stop looking at the presentation and look towards the audience. I feel the way to improve that is to know what I’m going to say or make notes on what I’m going to say, but not covering my face with the paper with my notes on them.

I thought it went pretty well. I felt I should of made my ideas more clear and spoke towards the audience more than speaking towards the board.


Production Skills (Week 4)

Generator0000One of the skills we learnt this week was voice acting, we recorded our audio logs that we wrote the script for during week 3. I felt the recording could of been better but I never done voice acting before, so it would come with experience.

I also finished creating my industrial revolution style generator by adding the little details like railings and stoke pipes to it. I liked the look of it and it look like the source material but I would of liked to have textured it.

We also learnt how to create navigation options on a Indesign document with buttons.


Production Diary (Week 4)

This week we started to plan our pitch and decide our roles and what pages we were going to do. While planing for pitch we also designed page layouts and what is going on each page. We also planed out how we going to do this project by setting roles for each other and designate what pages we going to do. I chose to do the equipment page to do for this project.