Production Skills (Week 2)

This week we learnt to be less dependent on digital technology like computers and phone by writing and drawing on paper. This is useful because most people first reaction to noting stuff down or drawing is to turn on their computer or phone, but with pen and paper there is less chance to loose, forget and crash. I did not come over any problems because I prefer and do write down stuff down because I remember information better if I write it down instead of typing. But I probably need to improve my grammar and spelling.

We also learnt to create multiple ideas not just focus on the one idea. Doing this will help me creating good ideas instead of improving a bad one. The problem I have is I am not use to creating multiple ideas. To over come this problem, I need to get out of the habit of creating just one idea.

This week I created a box in 3DS Max, this task helped with the skills above as well as 3D modeling, texturing and drawing. The purpose of this task is to get us use to planing and designing objects instead of just creating an object. We first started by creating three thumbnails and picking one of those three thumbnails. We then researched textures for the box. I used two types of wood textures and a metal texture for my box. Then we created the box and textured it.

We also had a look a Little Red Riding Hood book that had interactive segments in it and we then planed/designed a digital version of it.



Production Diary (Week 2)

This week I created a chest in 3DS Max. I originally created three ideas by drawing them and then I selected what I liked the most. When I finished the shape of the chest I textured it, using textures from

Me and my group this week also came up with some story for our project. We came up with Louis Daguerre died of a heart attack that was caused by being poisoned by Napoleon. Daguerre was a member of the Legion of Honor (in our story and in real life). In our story he set up a spy section.

I also created another mind map for creative, technical and organisational problems during the production stage of our project.

We also researched old forms of recording and listening to sound. I researched Thomas Edison and his invention Phonograph, Alexander Graham Bell and Antonio Meucci (both helped invent the telephone).