Production Skills (Week 1)

This week I learnt how to create transparent textures in 3DS Max by creating a tesseract. This would be a good skill for creating concept art for windows and glasses. We also made the textures illuminate. This done to show the power of the tesseract. Again this would be useful for creating lights and other glowing objects. One problem I came across doing this task is the placement of  the textures on the plains inside the cube. This was because I had trouble with tracking and how each plain looked. To over come this, I should of added in each plain one at a time and adjust it according to how it looks.

We also talked about interactivity and what is included with it. An interactive document/object  is something that the audience can have an interactive experience with. It does not have to be a digital object it can be something physical like a book. The things we learnt that go with interactivity is audio, visual, buttons, navigation and transition. Audio can be an audio log in an digital document or a button that makes animal sounds in a children book if pressed. Visual can be a video that starts playing when its clicked or scrolled. Buttons are used to make the interactive object easy to navigate and easy to interact with. Navigation is where you can go from one part of the interactive object to another by either turning a page or pressing a button. With some interactive documents on a mobile device you can swipe to turn a page. Transition is how the page looks when you navigate to a new page, you can leave it blank or could animate it to look like a page turning.


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