Production Diary (Week 1)

This week we learnt what we were doing for a project, The Age of Napoleon. The story is Napoleon discovered the tesseract in Egypt. He then used to tesseracts power to win the Napoleonic wars by winning the Battle of Waterloo. We then had to pick out of a hat in our design studios what faction out of three factions we are. The three factions were Napoleon, the Resistance led by Thomas Edison (use to be led by the Duke of Wellington) and spies led by Louis Daguerre. By design studio got the spies.

Tesseract0000I also created a tesseract in 3DS Max. This was done to gain more skills in 3DS Max and also to be used as concept art.

I also created mood boards so I know what to base my ideas on and to know the style of clothes, furniture and other equipment of the time.

I also created a mind map on what problems we might encounter in this project, problems like technical issues.


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