Manipulating Sound

For this task, we had to create a walla. A walla is a sound in media that is from the background, for example in a movie scene a walla is the sound of peoples conversations in the background. My walla was created to be used on a TV.

We got given the sound we needed for this walla. We then edited it in Audacity. I first cut out unnecessary parts of the sound that have no sound. I then edited the amplitude of the sound first so it is not distorted when listening to it. After we done editing, we added in white noise by going to “Generate” and then “Noise…”. Then a box appeared that has a drop down box. In the drop down box there is three options; white, brown and pink. These are different types of sound. I selected white and pressed Ok. Then the white noise is generated. I cut down the white noise duration so it matches the same length of the walla sound. Then I edited the amplitude of the white so I can hear the walla sound over the white noise but while still able to hear it.

I then exported the sound as a WAVE file so it can be used in the Unreal Engine.

I feel this task went well since it was my first time using Audacity. I feel I should have spent more time on it so the white might have been a bit louder.


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