Interactive Media Studio Facebook Logo and Banner

My Facebook logo and banner is pictures I found and edited in Photoshop. The banner size is 851 by 315 pixels while the logo size was 160 by 160 pixels. When creating them I tried to keep the theme of our studio name, Wet Flame Studios.

I first createlogo+bannerd the banner. The background of my banner is mostly unedited, the only thing edited is the size and shape. The main part of the banner is a red and blue flame. I found the flame, which was originally red. I then split it in half and moved one half on a new layer. I then changed the hue of one half of the flame so it has changed blue because water is blue. I then put the two halves back together and put it in the middle of the fire and water swirl in the background. Then I added text saying “Wet Flame Studios” That is how I created the banner.wet flame logo

When creating the logo I just copied the flame and text over to a new file.

I would of liked to try and create something from scratch instead of finding stuff online. When creating the logo and banner I had hardly any knowledge on how to use Photoshop, that is why the logo and banner was simple.



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