Digital Photography and Composition


For this task we had to take three different types of photos; abstract, portrait and landscape. When taking these photos, we had to keep in mind the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is where a photo is divided into sections, usually three horizontal lines and vertical lines. You usually see guide lines for the rule of thirds on a camera.

An abstract photo is an photo of something that is hard to work out. For example, taking a photo really close to an object so it is visible but hard to tell what it is. My
20150930_171953abstract photo is of a seat from quite close. A way I think I could improve my abstract photo is to use the rule of thirds to make it more abstract.

A portrait photo is a photo that main subject is a 20150930_170722person. My portrait photo is of a friend of mine. Most common use of portrait photos is social media profile pictures. But that is not the only use of portrait you can have family photos as well. I feel again I could improve it by using the rule of thirds and maybe cropping it, preferably from the top to remove a bit of the ceiling.

A landscape photo is a photo that main subject is of a landscape. The landscape I have was of a hill at college that is also a goat paddock. I feel I could have chosen a better location to take the photo and also use the rule of thirds a bit better.   20150930_170145


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