Digital Photographs

You do not software like Photoshop to be able to change the appearance of the photo. You can edit how a photo looks by changing three settings; shutter speed, ISO (how sensitivity the camera is to light) and aperture (shutter width). IMG_0734

This photo has an adjusted shutter speed. This has a high shutter speed because the water is not blurry. You can use shutter speed to get different effects. High shutter speeds will make detailed photos while making it look motionless. A slow speed will make movement in the photo blurry. A slow shutter speed is good, for example, when taking a photo of a motorway at night because the lights on the cars while moving will make the light of the cars on the road look continuous.

IMG_0727This Photo has a adjusted aperture. This photo has a wide aperture, you can tell by looking at the background. If more of the background is blurred, the aperture is wider. This can be useful if there is something close to the camera or further away from the camera you want in focus.

IMG_0737This photo has an adjusted ISO setting. ISO is how sensitive the lens is to the light. Doing this can make you photo look more bright or more dark. This can be useful when taking photos through out the day so photos taken at night can be more bright and photos taken during the day can be more dark.

The skills I learnt taking these photos are how to correctly use these three techniques and you can change how a photo looks by changing some of the cameras settings.



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