3D Model of Microwave

I created a 3D model of a Samsung microwave that i got off ao.com (http://ao.com/product/ms23f301tak-samsung-microwave-black-27386-50.aspx).3D modle of microwave Capture      microwave from ao
The first step was setting up the scale correctly. To do this on 3DS Max I went to Customize- Unit Setup… A box appeared.

Setup pic 1 I went to metric and changed the drop down box below it to Centimeters. Then I clicked on system Setup and changed the measurement to centimeters as well.

The microwave measurements were Dimensions (cm) – H27.5 x W48.9 x D37.4. I added 10cm to each just to make it bigger. I compared it to a box with the same measurements as a character from the Unreal Engine (Length 84cm, width 84cm and height 192cm).


After setting up measurements and created a box for the microwave. The measurements of the microwave in 3DS Max was Length 47.4cm, Width 58.9 and Height 37.5cm. I added 10cm to each of the measurements to add some more density to the object because it looked to small compared to the character measurements.

After creating the cube with the correct measurements I clicked on modifier then click on modifier list. On the modifier list i clicked on Unwrap UVW. Then new options appeared and then I clicked a red square labeled Polygon. Then I opened up UV editor and selected Quick Planar Map. This allowed me to see all the individual polys in unwrap editor. In unwrap editor I edited the polys size in it so I can add textures to it in Photoshop. Then I exported the Unwrap UVW editor so I then can add texture to my microwave.

unwrap uv

In Photoshop I then added textures to the different sides of my microwave, which is edited photos of the microwave I am basing mine on. After I put the textures in the correct places, I saved the file as a Photoshop file.

In 3DS Max, I opened up the Material Editor by pressing “m” on the keyboard. On the material editor there is material balls. I dragged the Photoshop file of the Unwrap UVW microwave from File Explorer to one of the Material Balls. Then I dragged the Material Ball to the cube on 3DS Max.

The textures of the microwave are now on the cube, now making it look like a microwave.

This task taught me how to use 3DS Max and how to texture objects on it.


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