The best social media for a interactive media studio

social media– Word document of what social media platform different companies use.

Wet Flame Studios Research – Power Point Presentation of the results of my groups research into the best social media platform for a interactive media company.

Our task in our interactive media studio groups was to find out what was the best social media platform to advertise our interactive media studio. My research was primary research where I went to individual interactive media companies websites to see what they advertise on. I found out the most common social media platforms for interactive media companies is either Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Facebook and Twitter is usually used for announcement and YouTube is to be used to show off footage of their product.

My research where I found out what interactive media companies use for social media was qualitative research (research that is word based). Some of my groups research was quantitative research (research that is number based) because two members of my group did questionnaires for our and other classes to see what social media platform they use and what they think is the best for them and for advertising. Which involved them counting and adding up the results. The questionnaires results found out that other people use Facebook and Twitter the most and think they are the best are to advertise on as well.

After we done that we had to present our findings in a PowerPoint Presentation.

I think the best way to get the best results for research information is to do primary research because you are actually gathering information yourself and you can make sure there is no mistakes. While secondary research is research that has been done by someone else. The problem using secondary research is you do not know if the information given to you is correct without doing some research yourself, so it would be easier if you did primary research in the first place. But you can use secondary research to back up yours.




One thought on “The best social media for a interactive media studio

  1. Joel, you have outlined the methods that you used to conduct your research here, which is good, but you need to add an evaluation on each of these research methods. Which do you think was the most effective and how did they helped you to plan your own social media strategy for your studio.


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