Virtual Gallery

Using a virtual gallery to view a famous gallery like the Louvre has some pros and cons. But there are some pros and cons when going to the actual gallery as well.

Pros of having a virtual gallery tour:

You can have a look at a virtual gallery at any point, given you have the technology to do so. This will allow people who does not have the time, disabled and the museum has no disabled access and/or live in another country to visit art galleries or museums.

You can use the virtual tour to get closer to pieces of art than you could in real life. Usually art galleries and museums do not allow people to go up close to their exhibits, with a virtual tour you can because it is either photos

Cons of virtual tours:

The virtual tour will not have every exhibit, for example the Louvre Nintendo tour only has 700 pieces of art in it while the actual Louvre has 70,000 pieces of art on display. This can ruin the size and scale of the gallery because galleries like the Louvre are huge and impressive buildings.

You do not get see or sense the scale of the exhibits with a virtual tour. For example the Mona Lisa is not as big as most paintings, the actual lady in the painting is about life size.

The exhibit would be in more detail if you view it with your own eyes than through a digital monitor. Viewing a piece of art in person you will be able to see every stroke the artist made. You then not gain the experience of seeing the piece of art for your self.

Cons of going to a gallery:

First one is traveling to the gallery. It is easy to travel to a gallery if you live close to one but it is difficult to visit one if live in another country.

Another con is expectations vs. reality. For example a lo of people are taught that Paris is one of the greatest cities in the world, but when people visit Paris they are shocked to find that it is not what they expected it to be, that is why it is called Paris Syndrome.



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