Digital Media Debate

Statement of debate: Digital media and user generated content has changed the production and consumption of media.

In this my interactive media class was split into three groups; one group of four people agreed with statement, another group of four disagreed with it and the last group of eight people was the floor/audience who had to ask the groups questions. I was apart of the floor group.

The group that agreed with the statement opening statement argued old media like newspapers usage was in decline while new media like social media usage was in on the rise.

The group that disagreed with the statement opening statement said we still used old media but on a different platform (this opening statement argues against the disagreeing side because the consumption of old media changed).

We all had to do our own research, for example the floor had to research information for questions to ask the debating groups. The floor had to get three questions to ask, my original three questions were:

Do you believe due to social media, the news is becoming more biased?

Do you think people social skills are being affected by social media?

Do you think social media effects the economy?

I reworded the third question to:

Do you think the consumption of social media is effecting the productivity of businesses?

I did this to see their opinions on peoples addiction to social media and is it effecting peoples work life .

My opinion was agreeing with the statement and it did not change during the argument or after either.

At the end all sixteen of us voted to see who they believed won the debate, the vote had fourteen people agreeing with the statement while two people disagreed with statement. – time duration 1:03:37



Techniques developers use to create mood and atmosphere

What techniques do developers use to create mood

For this task I had to create and present a presentation on how developers create mood and atmosphere in a virtual environment. The three virtual environments I chose was Planetside 2, Valiant Hearts and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The information I gave in the presentation was based on primary research on my experience playing these games. But I also did some secondary research on gathering examples of game footage and tunes from the games. I did this so my presentation has some examples in it from the games I talked about.

I thought my presentation went well but I do think I should have spoken louder, I did speak towards the audience clearly but not loud enough. I also should have stayed on topic because for the Planetside 2 bit I started to talk about the factions in Planetside 2 and not on the atmosphere or mood.  

My notes:

Planetside 2

Colours are bright and futuristic. The colour of each faction represent the meaning of each faction.  Red = action  Blue= trust, loyalty Purple= science

Sound, there isn’t a lot of background sound like music the game sounds are focused on what is going on around you.

Valiant Hearts

Through most of the game, the colour is dark, mainly a browny grey. This was done to capture the mood of the WW1.

Same with the landscape, its all demolished and muddy.

The song/main theme also captures the atmosphere because the theme is not cheery one but its calm.


Skyrim uses diegetic and non-diegetic spounds to create an atmosphere, for example before you are attacked by a dragon you hear it roar then you get music as it attacks.

But Skyrim is a brightly coloured game. This was done to make people adventure through the world and explore everything. the cave systems are dark and spooky and some of the music that plays just boost the atmosphere.