Applying research tools and methods to drawing

For this task I had to imagine two kitchen appliances in my house and draw them. I drew my microwave and washing machine. Then we had to go home and take a picture of these appliances then the next day had to draw the appliances from the pictures I took.

Drawing the20151209_114043 appliance from memory was difficult because I do not really pay attention to every little detail on a microwave and washing machine. The scale was not that far from scale but not accurate. Features on my washing machine were wrong, I added to many buttons to it (the washing machine has 5 buttons and I drew on 18). Another problem I had when drawing my accurate drawing is I did not take a photo of the sides so I did not know what the sides look like and any picture of that appliance I found on the internet didn’t have pictures of the sides either.

To draw my microwave to scale I took a photo of the appliances on my phone20151209_114032
and measured the x, y and z axis with a tape measure. Than I scaled my microwave down by three times. Then I tried to match the picture and my drawing to scale, w20151008_071124hich I almost done but had trouble keeping writing to scale. I used a ruler to keep the measurements correct.


We also watched a documentary called Tim’s Vermeer. This documentary follows a man called Tim Jenison, who wants to recreate one of Johannes Vermeer famous paintings, The Music Lesson. Johannes Vermeer created almost photo realistic paintings and no one knew how he done this. Tim Jenison tries to find out how Vermeer done his pieces of work by exploring a lot of techniques used at the time.

One technique explored was a camera obscura. This is a box large enough to fit a person inside allowing them to draw/paint inside. There would be a tiny hole that allows light to go through so the image of the outside is shown on one of the sides of the inside of the camera obscura. This will allow the artist inside to draw around the light projection but this will mean the image is backwards.

Tim Jenison finally found out Johannes Verneer might have used a camera obscura and a series of mirrors to draw and paint his paintings. One mirror will reflect the things he is painting and another mirror angled slightly will then flip that image back. Then he will look down at that mirror and draw the outlines of the objects. This method will also allow him to match colours up correctly as well.


3 thoughts on “Applying research tools and methods to drawing

  1. In your introduction you need to discuss what you were doing and why you were doing it.
    Where are your drawings?
    What tools, methods and skills did you use?
    Then be self critical about what you made.
    Fully evaluate this task.

    When complete please reply ‘updated’


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