Reflecting on Feedback

What I did in one of my Unit 1 was go around Canterbury College and take three photos, one portrait photo (photo of someone), one landscape photo and one abstract photo. After taking the photos we had to upload them to Facebook so other classmates can comment on how to improve them.





For my landscape photo I got complimented on what’s in the photo but got criticised for having too much to focus on.

Facebook screen grab 1

The abstract photo was complemented on being obscured and hard to recognised. But my feedback mentioned I should use the rule of thirds morefacebook screen grab 3






My portrait photo feedback got two criticisms on it. One response was the photo was too blurry and the other was I could focus on the subject of the photo more. But I was complemented on the use of the Rule of Thirds.

I can use the feedback to improve future photos so I can produce better photos. Feedback can be a form of primary research because you are gathering research yourself and not using research someone else has done.

Research done on Facebook is mainly qualitative research because people mainly have conversations on it but it can be quantitative by the uses of the like button. It may be unreliable because you can not tell the persons tone of voice (for example they could be lying). But Facebook can be useful because when doing a survey or interview face to face you have to it do it when both the interviewer and interviewee are free but over Facebook you can responded when ever available.

What I learnt doing this exercise is some of the different style of photos and how to take them. I also learnt that that criticism can be positive and constructive, not just negative.



One thought on “Reflecting on Feedback

  1. Good start to this post and you have some good images here. I think you should go over and check your spelling and grammar. You need to explain what you are doing and why you are doing it.
    Explain a little bit about the photos that you have taken and then take in the feedback from others on board too.

    Evaluate by discussing what you have learnt in this exercise.

    Please respond ‘updated’ when you have finished this work.


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