Genre and meaning in Photography

In photography there is many different genres including Abstract/fine arts, Advertising, Architectural, Documentary/Photojournalism, Fashion, Scientific/Medical and Portrait.

I have chosen three different photo by three different photographers, Aritra De, Emma Cowley and Philip Pound.

White Tiger by Aritra DeThis photo by Aritra De is of a white tiger. This photo genre is documentary/photojournalism. It might of been portrait if it had a person in it. This photo is used to show nature by showing a tiger yawning or roaring.


Pink Flower Emma CowleyThis photo of a pink flower is by Emma Cowley. This photo is an abstract photo because it focuses in on the centre of the flower so we can not see what is happening behind the flower. The photo focuses on the swirl pattern of the flower.



Big Ben by Philip PoundThis landscape photo is by Philip Pound shows the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. It also can be seen as a architectural photo because the photos main focus are the buildings. This photo uses the Rule of Thirds to separate the photo in sections with Big Ben in it’s focus.


All these photos and photographers I gathered from The Royal Photographic Society (RPS).




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