Introduction to Research

When doing research you got to keep in mind what type of research your going to do. The main types of research include Primary, Secondary, Quantitative and Qualitative.

Primary research is research you did yourself. This may include surveys, interviews where you are the interviewer and observations.

Secondary research is research you gathered from other people research. This may include magazine articles, webpages and videos. You can use secondary research to back your primary research as evidence.

Quantitative research is research that is based around number. Usually based around data and statistics. This type of research is mainly facts.

Qualitative research is word based. Usually this type of research is opinion and feedback but can still be fact.


For my research, I tried to find out the cheapest contract provider for different phones. I tried to keep all the deals similar (24 month contract, unlimited texts, unlimited calls and 2GB of mobile data). I did this to see if most mobile phone network companies (Vodafone, 3, O2 and EE) contracts are similar or are some cheaper than others. The phones I looked up was the iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, Blackberry Classic, HTC One M9, Nokia Lumia 735, Sony Xperia Z5 and LG G4. My research was based around to find the cheapest combined cost by the end of the 24 month contract.

During my research I found out that 3 do the cheapest contracts for most of the phones while Vodafone have the most expensive deals. But Vodafone have more offers to their contracts like free calls in Europe. But I just focused on texts, calls and mobile data.


One thought on “Introduction to Research

  1. Discuss the mobile phone task in a little more detail, why were you doing the task?
    Check your spelling and structure- maybe get someone to read over your posts to proof them.
    Did you make a table for this?
    Why were you looking for this phone in particular?
    What kind of research did you conduct? primary or secondary?
    Evaluate this by discussing what you have learnt.


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