Communication of 3D

3D Printing can be used for creating artificial limbs, models of the human body and create film sets or costumes.

3D printer heads

3D is used in Interior Design to show off designs of rooms to people clients, so the clients know what the room will look like and can edit it if they want to. The model does not have to be a physical model it can be a digital copy as well.interior design model

People create 3D art to create a realistic piece of art. One of the most common type of 3D art is 3D street art. One common idea people have for street art is the floor is collapsing.3d street art

Most fully 3D animated shows are targeted to a child audience, for example the new Thunder Birds. But most adult animated shows are 2D or 2.5D, which is 2D characters in a 3D environment (,date access 24/09/2015). animated tv trexSome TV documentaries use 3D animation to create a landscape or animals that do   not exist.

You can also create 3D animations using Computer Generated Images (CGI). You can also use CGI to create art or character ideas on a computer.

3D in film is used the same way as animated shows and CGI. Most fully animated films are aimed at a young audience, companies like Disney and Pixar use animation to create their full length films. Animations are big for children films because you can make them child friendly and appealing for children as well. In more adult films 3D animation is used instead of special effects like explosives.

Science uses 3D in multiple ways. Medical Science use 3D models to map out the brain and body organs. You can create artificial limbs for amputees using 3D molds or create 3D robotic limbs.prosthetic-leg

Games use 3D to be more realistic most of the time. Developers use motion capture gear on actors to create an accurate 3D models of those actors. One most recent game to use motion capture gear with famous actor was Call of Duty: Advance Warfare with Kevin Spacey.

3D in education is used to teach people with physical objects because people learn better by either seeing or doing. For example 3D shapes like cubes are used to teach children about shapes.

Advertising uses 3D by making people dress up in costumes to advertise their product or brand. People also create 3D animations for adverts on TV because it can be cheap and effective.

3D in architecture is used in away similar as interior design. Architects create a 3D drawing on how their building going to look. Then they create a 3D modeMind map 3dl so they and their clients can get a 360 degree view of the new building.

Geography uses 3D maps to get a good look of the landscape. Archaeologists use 3D models of landscape and rock formations to work out what time period the bones or any other object they find. You can also create accurate models of ancient pottery and bones to get a complete version.



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