Inspirational organisations

The organisations that inspire me in my chosen fields are Bethesda and Ubisoft. Ubisoft inspire me because I like their Assassins Creed series due to it being set in the pass and based on religious beliefs. Also Ubisoft is one of big game publishers that interact/communicate and care about their fans and listen to them. An example of this was after their buggy release of Assassins Creed Unity, the downloadable content they released after was made free as an apology for the buggy release. So Ubisoft inspire me in my chosen field because they take care of their fans.

Bethesda inspire me because their Role Playing Games have a huge amount of lore (history/story), so much in fact their games barely touch upon it. Their games mention the lore in some way (for example their Elder Scrolls series have books in that tell the history of that universe). This is why Bethesda inspire me because they put so much effort in their games background story as well as their main story.

I would like to work with either of these companies, companies like them or become a independent worker working on my own game or animation.


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